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Keynotes Confirmed for October 5 Faith and Freedom Conference

St Augustine's is pleased to announce confirmation of our three keynote speakers at this year's Faith and Freedom conference. Dr Ryan Messmore, President of Campion College in Sydney, will open the day with a talk introducing 'The Classical Christian World'. Dr Messmore will trace the Christian roots of the first universities in Europe and present a case for recovering a Christian vision of higher education. Dr Augusto Zimmermann from Murdoch University Law School will then address the conference on the topic 'The Law of Liberty' where he will outline the moral foundations for the rule of law in the West. As well, Dr Zimmermann will provide a historic overview of threats to liberty as described in his new book on Western Legal Theory. Finally Rev Dr Mark Durie will speak on the topic of 'Faith and Freedom' and how Christian faith itself is increasingly under threat both in the West and abroad. Rev Dr Durie will pay particular attention to emergence of alternative belief systems in the West and how Christians should respond to this challenge.

2013 Faith and Freedom Conference Programme



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